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Our Services

As the customer of The Active Technologies Company, You will enjoy our Omni-directional services;

1, Warranty service; in the time of one year after buying the product from our company, will offer free guarantee service for you within one year.

2, Maintenance service; in guarantee expire, you can sign the agreement of maintenance will offer service of maintaining in an all-round way for you with very favorable condition.

3, Life time maintenance service; Exceed and guarantee time limit and not sign and maintain the products of the agreement, can still enjoy the lifetime maintenance services of our company, collect materials and basic artificial expenses to reliable charges for this kind of service.

4, Technical consulting service; Meeting any question in using, you can dial our phone numbers of The Active Technologies Company at any time, will get the prompt advisory service.

5, The appeal of service; The service for customer of The Active Technologies company is called out, must make a response within shortest time. The attendant time present limits according to the customer location, if show up within fixed time limit, and maintain, the customer can complain to the company.

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